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PHYSIO-FIX offers a variety of state of the art treatment skills and modalities. All our Physiotherapists have over 6 years post graduate experience and have been on numerous postgraduate courses to update their manual skills. Following the assessment the Physiotherapist explains the diagnosis and cause of your pain/ stiffness. Treatment is then carefully chosen and palnned to eliminate the cause and address any compensations that may also be contributing to your pain and discomfort. A combination of treatments is often used to successfully address and treat all structures involved.

Initial assessment
We allocate an hour for a full assessment of your problem, at the end of which the physiotherapist will make a diagnosis. We will then explain how your problem can be best resolved and begin your treatment.
Treatment sessions
Follow up treatment sessions are for blocks of 30 minutes or 45 min if needed. During this time your injured tissues will be treated to reduce pain and swelling and restore movement so that you will begin to feel better.
It is common to experience muscle soreness following treatment which normally lasts 24-48hrs and can be reduced by applying ice and heat alternate for 10 min.
When in pain your body very quickly adapts and compensates so that you often change the way you hold yourself and move. Muscles that once did their job quite happily often no longer do so and need to be woken up again so that normal movement can be re learn’t. This is crucial for optimal recovery to fully resolve the cause of pain and reduce the chances or the same or similar problems happening in the future.

PhysioFix combine Physiotherapy with:
Acupuncture > Insertion of small needles into key points within a muscle read more...
Exercises      > Progressive exercises specific to your condition and ability
Gait analysis > Analysis of the way you walk
Mobilisation  > Mobilising stiff structures
Manipulation> End of range movement performed on a joint to reduce stiffness and relive pain
Massage      > Massaging muscles and soft tissue to break down scar tissue and promote healing read more
Orthotics      > Insoles provide to correct foot positions when walking or running
Pilates         > Correct use of inner core muscles to correct posture and strengthening the body read more
Strapping    > Use of tape to reduce pain and prevent further injury
Stretching   > Stretching tight muscles to prevent stiffness and aid in pain relief
Ultrasound   > Electrotherapy using sound waves to promote healing and reduce pain




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